Theses List
No. Theses Titles Level Student Name Present Date
1    Shear Strength Characteristics of Granulated Rubber and Sand-Rubber Chips mixtures            0000-00-00
2    improvement of in flated chalking soils    M.Sc.    Khabiri Noghani, Hamid    0000-00-00
3    Seismic analysis in reinforced wall excavation with Tie-back    M.Sc.    Rashed, Azadeh    2010-08-04
4    Seismic analysis in reinforced wall excavation with Tie-back    M.Sc.    Radfar, Ata    2010-08-04
5    An investigation on the effect of cyclic loads on the retaining walls    Ph.D    rasoli, saeed    2010-09-07
6    An investigation on the effect of tunel excavation by TBM on shallow structures    M.Sc.    Hamedmirjafary, Behrooz    2010-09-14
7    Effective parameters on the network coefficient of micropiles    M.Sc.    ,    2010-09-20
8    Application of neural networks and Fuzzy systems in consolidation settlement prediction of clay soils    M.Sc.    Farkhondeh, Saeed    2010-09-20
9    An investigation on the influence of design parameters of anchored wall    M.Sc.    ,    2010-09-20
10    Improvement of gypsum soils with sand    M.Sc.    ,    2010-09-20
11    valuatinEg the impact of some geological parameters on soil abrasivity via introducing a new method    Ph.D    Mirmehrabi, Hossein    2011-02-04
12    Bearing Capacity of Single Footings Reinforced with Micropiles    M.Sc.    Jalilian Mashhoud, Hadis    2011-06-13
13    The effection of geogrid on bearing capacity of strip foundation resting on sand    M.Sc.    jalilian, hosein    2011-06-13
14    An investigation on Soil–Nail Pullout Interaction    M.Sc.    Hashemi, Saeed    2011-10-03
15    Investigation on Bearing Capacity of Strip Inversed Folded Plate Shell Foundation on Sand    Ph.D    sajedi, keyhan    2011-10-03
16    Efficacy of Using Sand Cushion in Arresting Heave of Irrigation Canals    M.Sc.    zafar zadeh, nasrolah    2011-11-09
17    A comparison of soil strength parameters in large and small scales Direct Shear Test    M.Sc.    salimi, Mohammad Javad    2012-02-20
18    An investigation on the soil-pipe interaction in buried GRP pipe    M.Sc.    jafari, amir    2012-03-05
19    investigation on effect of retrofitting in single foundations by enlargement with anchors.    M.Sc.    Taheri, Alireza    2012-05-07
20    Identification and Evaluation of Collapsible Soil and soil improvment    M.Sc.    Maroof, Mohamad ali    2012-06-17
21    Evaluation of pile bearing capacity subjected to lateral loading    M.Sc.    Keshavarz, Javad    2012-09-10
22    Estimation of Bearing Capacity of Shallow Foundation Via Standard Genetic Programming    M.Sc.    Ebrahimi, Mehdi    2012-12-08
23    Evaluation of size effect on sand-tire mixture shear strength by Direct shear Test    M.Sc.    rezapour, alireza    2013-03-11
24    Experimental investigation of arching phenomena in granular materials by using a developed trapdoor apparatus    M.Sc.    Ahmadi, Ali    2013-05-14
25    Numerical modeling of reinforced soil walls using multiphase approach and hyperbolic constitutive model    M.Sc.    Honari, Siavash    2013-05-14
26    study on the control of surface settlement caused by shallow tunnels by using compensation grouting    M.Sc.    fouji, hamid    2013-05-14
27    The determination and comparison of the lateral bearing capacity of piles with and without caps in sand    M.Sc.    kiani rashid, kiarash    2013-07-01
28    Development of a 3-D Geological Engineering Model for Sedimentary Deposits of Mashhad City    Ph.D    Nasseh, Sepideh    2013-09-06
29    Tension Capacity of Foundations Reinforced with Micropiles    M.Sc.    Bolouri Bazzaz, Mohammad Taghi    2013-09-09
30    Birjand segmentation in terms of the collapse of soils and its correction methods    M.Sc.    borji, mohammad    2014-05-05
31    Study on Ring Footing Behaviour by In Situ and Laboratory Plate Load Test    M.Sc.    besharati, nasser    2014-05-05
32    Seismic Analysis of Soil-Structure Interaction for High Rise Building Adjacent to Deep Excavation    M.Sc.    Yeganeh, Navid    2014-05-05
33    comparison of numerical and simplified calculation methods for the analysis of the piled raft foundations    M.Sc.    Haddad Sabzevar, Hanieh    2014-05-05
34    lateral capacity of piles    M.Sc.    shahraini, vahid    2014-05-24
35    Numerical Modelling of Truss Structure System for Trench Stabilization    M.Sc.    Farahani, Vahid    2014-05-31
36    Laboratory Study Of Bored Pile Wall In Granular Soil    M.Sc.    Eslami, Amin    2014-06-21
37    Formulation of Compression Index of Clayey Soils Utilizing a Biologically-Inspired Genetic Programming Technique    M.Sc.    mohammadzadeh shadmehri, danial    2014-09-22
38    evaluation of pile subjected to the lateral cyclic loading    M.Sc.    Honarvar Sedighian, Behnoush    2014-09-22
39    Ultimate bearing capacity of combined shell ring foundations in cohesionless soil    Ph.D    KAZEMI, MAJID    2015-01-12
40    study on bearing capacity of network micro-piles under tension    M.Sc.    mirzaee, ali    2015-01-26
41    Prediction of the ultimate bearing capacity of shallow foundations resting on jointed rock masses using LGP    M.Sc.    tajeri, shervin    2015-01-26
42    Numerical study of induced settlement subsidence in adjacent structures caused by new buildings construction    M.Sc.    Ansari, Farhad    2015-02-04
43    Laboratory comparison of effect angular particles of soil on the surface settlement caused by tunnel excavation.    M.Sc.    alinezhad, mohammad    2015-02-16
44    Investigation of creep behavior of GFRP soil-nail systems and comparison with steel    Ph.D    Hamedmirjafari, Behrooz    2015-03-16
45    Reducing Pressure and Settlement behind integral bridge abutment using geocell and rubber    Ph.D    zadehmohamad, mehdi    2015-04-20
46    Investigation on engineering geological properties of alluvial of central part of Kerman city and the effects of groundwater level rise on its engineering characteristics    Ph.D    Aghamolaie, Iman    2015-05-31
47    Experimental study of the deformability, collapse deformation and short-term creep behavior of rockfill material    M.Sc.    hokmabadi, mostafa    2015-06-01
48    Development of an Elasto-Plastic constitutive model for plastic concrete and assessing its performance to simulate the interaction of cut-off wall and foundation in embankment dams    M.Sc.    mehmandoost kotlar, masoud    2015-06-01
49    Evaluation Of Filter Criterions For Granular Soils By No Erosion Filter Test (Case Study Of Bar And Bidwaz Dams)    M.Sc.    Raeisosadat, Seyed Alireza    2015-07-06
50    Numerical Investigation of Liquefaction Induced Settlements and Instability on Embankments and Earth Dams (Case Study)    M.Sc.    FATA, HAMIDREZA    2015-07-06
51    Evaluating load bearing capacity of networked micro-piles under Pressure    M.Sc.    parandvar, elahe    2015-08-25
52    Experimental study of the excavation using pile-anchorage system    M.Sc.    abdollahi, mahmood    2016-03-14
53    An Investigation of Rheological Peroperties, Compressive Strength and Freez-thaw Resistence of White Self-compacting Concrete with Limestone Powder    M.Sc.    gholamian, abbas    2016-04-27
54    Investigation of compressive strength and durability of concrete containing red mud of Jajarm alumina complex    M.Sc.    rashidi borji, hamid    2016-04-27
55    influence of geogrid reinforcement and soil improvement on bearing capacityof ring foundation on reinforcemd sand    M.Sc.    abbaszadeh hesar, ali    2016-06-25
56    Analysis of Oil Contamination Propagation in Unsaturated Soils    M.Sc.    komeily, arash    2016-06-25
57    Study Pullout capacity of helical piles    M.Sc.    Gharib, Farzad    2016-09-19
58    Bearing Capacity of Ring Founation under Combined Vertical, Horizental and moment Loading    Ph.D    sadeghifazel, amirhushang    2016-11-09
59    Determining factors affecting safety climate in Iraq construction projets    M.Sc.    ALKARAAWI, SATTAR    2016-12-05
60    Risk Assessment of Deep Excavation in Karbala    M.Sc.    SHIHMAN, AMEER    2016-12-05
61    Investigating and Determining Project Success Factors in Iraq Case Study: School Construction Projects of Wasit Province    M.Sc.    Al-Aloosy, Khaldoon    2016-12-05
62    Identification of the Reasons for Delay in Najaf Construction Projects Case Study: School Construction    M.Sc.    AL DAUOD, ABBAS    2016-12-05
63    Experimental Investigation of nonconnected piled raft foundations    Ph.D    Malekkhani, Mohammad Jamal    2017-01-15
64    Effect of vertical drains on stability and settlements of an embankment dam during construction on saturated soft clay (case study: sombar dam)    M.Sc.    ALALI, AMEER    2017-02-13
65    Effect of liquefied soil in the foundation on the seismic behavior of a structure    M.Sc.    Zarif, Omid    2017-02-13
66    Experimental Investigation of the soil creep in the nailing excavation    M.Sc.    koohestani, sima    2017-02-13
67    Experimental Study on performance of deep excavation retaining structures in granular soils by driving sheet piles    M.Sc.    mortazavi, ashraf    2017-02-13
68    Optimizing Construction Lift Process in High-Rise Buildings    M.Sc.    Jalali Yazdi, Alireza    2017-02-20
69    Comparison of prefabricated and in-situ concrete educational building types in Iraq (a case study in Muthanna)    M.Sc.    HUSSEIN, EMMAD    2017-02-20
70    prediction of ultimate bearing capacity of axially loaded piles based on CPT data    M.Sc.    Ghorbani, Behnam    2017-03-14
71    Lateral loading capacity on a helical pile in sandy soil    M.Sc.    buni hasan, ahmed    2017-03-14
72    Lateral Load Capacity for Single Pile in Clay Soil    M.Sc.    Aljanabi, Hijran    2017-03-14
73    Laboratory Study of Pile Behavior Under Uplift Loading and combine with lateral load in Saturated Clay    M.Sc.    Haidarzadah, Mohammad Reza    2017-03-14
74    Effect of geogrid reinforcement on bearing capacity on ring foundation on reinforcement sand using finite element model    M.Sc.    heyranpour, armin    2017-05-29
75    Exprimental Studing of Improvment of Oil Contaminated Soils With MICP Method    Ph.D    Bolouri, Mohammad Taghi    2017-10-31
76    Investigation of durability of concrete containing red mud of Jajarm alumina complex    M.Sc.    Rashidi Borji, Hassan    2017-12-11